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Rack Mount 1U Fiber Enclosure

1U Patch Panel Enclosures

OptoSpan offers three different series of 1U fiber enclosure rack mounts to suit specific needs of varying data centers.  The Ultra Elite series is ideal for smaller racks, as its slim design reaches a maximum depth of a 6” fiber cassette, the High Density panel series allows hassle-free and vastly adaptable fiber management, and the MPO panel series is the most economical fiber enclosure rack mount OptoSpan has to offer. Each allows for a unique blend of form and function to growing datacenters.  Other OptoSpan Fiber Enclosures include 2U Patch Panel Enclosures and 4U Patch Panel Enclosures.

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Patch Panel Enclosures

Ultra Elite 1U Patch Panel Enclosure

These 1U fiber enclosure rack mounts hold up to 5 MTP cassettes and measures a mere 6.00” without the removable trays. In a networking environment where space is critical, the Ultra Elite fiber enclosure rack mount ensures that the limited space is utilized more effectively.

1U Patch Panel Enclosures

High Density 1U Patch Panel Enclosure

This modular 1u fiber enclosure rack mount allows for the insertion of up to three standard LGX fiber cassettes or fiber adapter panels, while retaining adequate space for internal fiber splicing trays. Complete with removable top cover and semitransparent polycarbonate panel allowing for hassle-free fiber management.

1U Patch Panel Enclosure

MPO 1U Patch Panel Enclosure

The MPO series 1U fiber enclosure rack mount is the most economical enclosure that OptoSpan has to offer. This enclosure allows up to three MPO fiber cassettes to be installed, up to 72 LC, 48 SC, or a combination of connections.