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Rack Mount 2U Fiber Enclosure

2U Patch Panel Enclosure

OptoSpan 2U fiber enclosure rack mounts are offered in two different series to suit specific needs of varying data centers.  The Ultra Elite is designed to accept low loss MTP® cassettes to build a high density, slim and compact patch panel for small data centers and tighter rack spaces.  These 2u fiber enclosure rack mounts, without the front and rear management trays, will only expand as big as the depth of an MTP cassette to build a 6” frame.  The High Density 2u fiber enclosure rack mount series is a more versatile unit, accepting all standard fiber cassettes.  These enclosures, when filled, provide up to 144 individual LC ports.  Other OptoSpan Fiber Enclosures include 1U Patch Panel Enclosures and 4U Patch Panel Enclosures.

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Ultra Elite 2U Patch Panel Enclosure

The most compact and dense 2U panel offered by OptoSpan, the Ultra Elite 2U fiber enclosure rack mount allows for up to 12 MTP cassettes to be installed for a total of 288 individual LC ports. This compact 2u fiber enclosure rack mount measures a mere 6.00” without their removable trays, saving valuable networking work space.

2U Patch Panel Enclosure

High Density 2U Patch Panel Enclosure

The High Density 2U series accepts up to 6 standard LGX fiber cassettes or fiber adapter panels, totaling 144 individual LC ports while retaining adequate space for splicing trays and equipment. Complete with removable top cover, allowing for hassle-free internal fiber management.