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SteelPatch Armored (Formerly Light Armored) MTP Elite Fiber Cables

Armored MTP®

OptoSpan Armored fiber cable assemblies are fully enclosed by steel/Kevlar jackets, increasing their overall protection from various potential hazards. Additionally, this line of fiber cabling incorporates the high performing MPO variant known as the MTP Elite® connector by U.S. Conec. The improved design of the MTP Elite® connector allows for less signal loss while retaining compatibility with the numerous MPO devices and fiber cable assemblies currently on the market.

Each of the MTP Elite® fiber cable assemblies provided by OptoSpan utilize each of the following mechanical improvements: a floating ferrule in order to maintain a secure connection, rounded metal pins to prevent damage to mating adapters, internal recessed metal pin clamp to prevent pin breakage, and an oval shaped internal spring to avoid fiber damage. These improvements allow for a more secure physical connection, resulting in less signal loss when interconnecting networking devices.

The protective jacket presented on Armored MTP Elite® Fiber Cables is a SteelPatch armored jacket, which offers unparalleled protection to the internal fibers while maintaining their flexibility and low signal loss. Best used in situations where standard jacketing may be insufficient, such as hazardous environments due to excess heat and moisture.

In addition to the previously mentioned mechanical improvements, OptoSpan is committed to using the entire MTP Elite® connector assembly. While competitors have chosen to unethically utilize only the MTP Elite® connector housing and replacing the most crucial component, the floating ferrule which is responsible for maintaining the secure physical connection with a standard version to reduce costs. Only complete and genuine MTP Elite® components sourced directly from U.S. Conec have be used in the manufacturing of each and every OptoSpan provided MTP Elite® fiber cable assembly.  Other OptoSpan Armored Fiber Optic Cables include SteelFlex Armored Fiber Cables, SteelPatch Armored Fiber Cables, 6-24 Fiber Armored Breakout Cables, 6-24 Fiber Armored Breakout Cables, Armored MTP Cables, and Armored MPO Cables.

Availability of each standard OptoSpan MTP Elite® fiber cable is conveniently listed below. Please contact our support team in order to create specialized cable assemblies in order to suit your unique networking requirements.

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SteelPatch Datasheet


  • Internal Fiber Count: 8 to 144 fiber strands per cable assembly
  • Internal Fiber Configurations: 12×1, 12×2, 12×4, 12×6, 12×8, 12×12, 24×1, 24×2, 24×3, 24×4, 24×6
  • Connectors: MTP Elite®
  • Cable Assembly Lengths: 1 to 150 meter
  • Ferrule Polish: UPC (Standard) or APC (Angled)
  • Modes: OS2, OM3, OM4
  • Insulation: Plenum, Riser

OptoSpan Advantage:

  • Authentic MTP Elite® connector directly from U.S. Conec
  • Complete MTP Elite® connector assembly, including floating ferrule
  • Terminated and tested in a ISO 14000 (Class 7) quality controlled clean room
  • Each cable assembly comes with its own serial number, diagram, and certified test report
  • Complimentary design and configuration assistance provided by experts to assure precise polarity & termination
  • Four different types of jackets – Standard, Plenum, Bend Insensitive, and SteelPatch Armored

SteelPatch Armored OM4 50/125 Multimode MTP Elite® Fiber Cable

Multimode OM4 fiber Armored MTP Elite® fiber cables featuring 50/125 micron fiber core/cladding diameter are available with 8-24 fibers in up to 150 meters. These Riser (OFNR) insulated Armored MTP Elite® to MTP Elite® fiber cables are optimized for 40G and 100G fiber networks, with the armored coating needed for light to medium indoor/outdoor networks.  OM4 is fully backward-compatible with existing OM3 systems, but provides added benefits over OM3 fiber.  See OM4 fiber key advantages.

OM3 Multimode MTP®

SteelPatch Armored OM3 50/125 Multimode MTP Elite® Trunk Cable

OptoSpan multimode OM3 low-loss MTP Elite® Armored trunk cables provide an upgrade for high speed networks.  These Armored MTP Elite® to MTP Elite® trunk cables contain a 50/125 micron core for 40G/100G optical network links.  OM3 Armored fiber MTP Elite® trunk cables provide increased speeds for larger networks but contain the outer armor needed for light to medium duty applications.


SteelPatch Armored OS2 9/125 Single-Mode MTP Elite® Trunk Cable

Single-mode OS2 fiber Armored MTP Elite® trunk cables feature a narrow 9/125 micron core, but carry higher bandwidth compared to multimode fibers.  These Armored MTP Elite® to MTP Elite® single-mode trunk cables are ideal for 40G/100G fiber links, with armored jackets specifically designed for light to medium indoor/outdoor applications.

Plenum Armored MTP® Fiber Optic Cables

Plenum SteelPatch Armored MTP Elite® Fiber Cable

OptoSpan Plenum Armored MTP Elite® Fiber cables are available for OM4 or OM3 50/125 laser optimized multimode fiber, or OS2 9/125 single-mode fiber.  These genuine US Conec MTP Elite® to MTP Elite® fiber cables are designed with Plenum rated insulation for fire-retardant cabling requirements, and an Armored protective jacket for light to medium duty indoor and outdoor use.   Its rugged shell is 10 times stronger than regular fiber cables and has a 40% higher rated range of operating temperature.