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LGX Fiber Adapter Panel – High Density

Matrix High Density series

OptoSpan’s High Density series (HD) fiber adapter panels are ideal for creating the ultimate fiber distribution system. Designed for use with OptoSpan’s HD series panel enclosures, these fiber adapter panels are available in 6-port and 12-port single mode or multimode duplex LC or SC LGX configurations. Install up to three adapter panels per Rack Unit of patch panel, or mix with OptoSpan’s HD series Adapter Cassettes.  Other OptoSpan Fiber Adapter Panels include MPO Series.

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Available Configurations:

  • Compatible with HD series Patch Panel Enclosures
  • 96/24/12 Fiber Count
  • Install Up-to 3 Adapter Panels per 1u of Patch Panel
  • OM3/OM4, OS2, Single-mode/Multimode
  • Flexibility to Mix Adapter Panels with Cassettes in Patch Panel
  • Available with LC, LC/APC, SC, ST, FC and MTP/MPO Adapters
  • Compliant with IEC-61754-7, EIA/TIA-604-5 & RoHS


  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Enterprise Network Environments

HD Adapter Plates