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Fiber Optic Cable Information

Due to the complex nature of fiber optic cabling, OptoSpan has provided the following information in an effort to proactively address any inquires one may have when reviewing our vast selection of networking components.


Fiber Optic Cable Comparison

Fiber Optic Cable Color-Mode

Each fiber optic assembly provided by OptoSpan is available in either Single-Mode or one of the Multimode specifications. The following table clarifies the differences between these types of cables and allows one to make an informed decision.

Fiber TypeOS2OM1OM2OM3OM4
Core/Cladding Diameter9/125μm62.5/125μm50/125μm50/125μm50/125μm
Cable Jacket ColorYellowOrangeOrangeAquaAqua
Wavelength (nm)131015508501300850130085013008501300
Max. Attenuation (dB/km)0.350.
Min. Over Filled Launch (MHz*km)N/AN/A20050050050015005003500500
Min. Effective Modal (MHz*km)N/AN/A200N/A500N/A2000N/A4700N/A
Ethernet Transmission
1Gbps Ethernet (meter)5000N/A27555055055010006001000600
10Gbps Ethernet (meter)100004000033200*/300**85220*/300**300N/A550N/A
40/100Gbps Ethernet (meter)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A100N/A150N/A

Each specification of fiber optic cabling features a slightly different core and cladding diameter, the following illustration demonstrates the various sizes for each specification.

Fiber Optic Cable Core Diagram

Fire Retardant Materials

OptoSpan provides a selection of various fire retardant fiber optic cable assemblies, each one specifically designed to prevent damage in the unfortunate event of a fire.

PlenumOFNPThe best suited for plenum areas (such as the space between walls or ceilings of buildings). These fiber assemblies product the least amount of smoke during combustion.
RiserOFNREngineered to prevent the spread of fire within a building, these assemblies are best used in between the floor areas of buildings.
Low Smoke Zero HalogenLSZHThese assemblies produce a reduced amount of smoke during combustion and zero halogen, essentially preventing toxic gas from spreading during combustion.

Fiber Optic Cable Testing

Fiber Optic Cable Testing

Every fiber optic cable assembly is thoroughly tested for performance and build quality before leaving our premises. Each assembly comes complete with a unique serial number and test report applied to the individually packaged fiber optic cable, additional test reports are available upon request.

Testing includes:

  • OD Measuring Microscope
  • Multifiber Interferometer
  • Polishing of multifiber MTP® assemblies
  • Polishing of single fiber assemblies
  • IL/RL testing by RX/RM Test Systems
  • End-face inspection by video microscope
  • Geometry testing by interferometer
  • Ferrule end-face inspection


In addition to comprehensive testing reports, OptoSpan is able to provide complete manufacturing diagrams upon request.

Multifiber Testing

Multifiber Cable Assemblies

Multifiber Cable Assemblies

OptoSpan provides various multifiber cable assemblies, including those constructed with the standard MPO connector or the improved MTP® connector by U.S. Conec. The following table demonstrates the permutation used in each standard multifiber assembly.

Multifiber Cable Color Codes