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Fiber Optic Maintenance

OptoSpan Fiber Optic Maintenance products. Due to its inherent fragile nature and susceptibility to environmental factors  like dust, dirt and inappropriate handling, Fiber Optic equipment requires routine and preventative fiber optic maintenance to assure optimal performance and smooth operation of the fiber optic network. OptoSpan Fiber Optic maintenance products consist of 1) Fiber Optic Testers to troubleshoot any possible or suspected network problems  and 2) Fiber Optic Cleaners to address non structural issues causing performance degradation as a result of dust, dirt or other contaminants.

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Fiber Tester LC

Fiber Optic Maintenance: Testers

OptoSpan Fiber Optic Cable Testers allow quick and easy testing to trace any fiber defects within an optical cable. These testers contain a visible 650nm red light laser that travels through the cable and pinpoints any cracks or breaks with a visible radiant glow in LC, SC, FC, ST, E-2000, or MTP/MPO connectors. Choose between continuous or pulse mode to easily locate and identify any refractions that may occur and recognize where the defect lies.

OptoSpan fiber optic cable testers and checkers use red light of 650nm wavelength to pinpoint the exact location of any possible breaks and cracks in single-mode or multimode fiber for up to 3km.

Fiber Optic Maintenance: Cleaners

Presenting OptoSpan Click&Clean Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools specifically designed to maintain performance of LC, SC, and MPO/MTP equipment. Evidently through time, optical fibers become damaged due to the collection of dust, skin oil, fiber residue, or other waste. These contaminants are a major cause of equipment malfunction, specifically by weakening light transmission, or by reflecting the light and causing the connection to completely diminish.

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OptoSpan Click&Clean

With just a simple push, Click&Clean Fiber Optic Cleaners can safely remove these damaging contaminants and successfully extend the usage of connectors, adapters, and fibers ports. Click&Clean-SC available for all SC, FC, ST, E-2000 connectors, Click&Clean-LC available for LC and MU connectors, and Click&Clean-MPO available for MPO and MTP connectors. OptoSpan Click&Clean Replacement Cartridges also available for Click&Clean-LC and Click&Clean-SC .