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Matrix Ultra Elite series

Ultra Elite MTP fiber optic patch panels are the highest density modular patch panels offered by OptoSpan.  These MTP fiber optic patch panels are offered in 576 LC ports in 4U, 288 LC fiber ports in 2U or 120 LC fiber ports in 1U.

These industry leading premium MTP fiber optic patch panels are extremely compact and slim with a complete depth of only 6” (without front and rear cable management trays), making them ideal for space-lacking data centers and tight network racks.

Ultra Elite MTP fiber optic patch panels offer genuine U.S. Conec MTP Elite® adapters in the rear for connection to either 10G or 40G fiber network (12 fiber connectors) or 100G fiber network (24 fiber connector).  MTP Elite® adapters and connectors are the highest performing MPO connectors available in the industry.  In the front, these panels are fully populated with premium low-loss Quad LC adapters.  These Quad LC adapters are stronger and much more rugged than duplex LC adapters, providing better performance.

The 4U MTP fiber optic patch panel can accommodate 24 MTP cassettes; 2U MTP fiber optic patch panel can accommodate up-to 12 MTP cassettes, while 1U MTP fiber optic patch panel can accommodate 5 MTP cassettes.  Each cassette comes with 24 LC ports in the front and one 24 Fiber MTP Elite® port (100G networks) or two 12 Fiber MTP Elite® ports (10G/40G networks), in the rear.

Each fully-loaded MTP fiber optic patch panel comes with a premium integrated rear cable management and front cable management/port identification tray, included in the listed price.

Constructed of solid 16-gauge steel and coated in black electrostatic paint, this line of low loss MTP Elite® fiber optic patch panels provides unparalleled performance while simultaneously offering a contemporary touch to modern data centers. Versatile in nature, these rack mountable modular fiber optic patch panels come complete with the mounting accessories needed to be up and running with minimal setup time.

OptoSpan offers many single-mode and multimode variations of pre-configured Ultra Elite MTP fiber optic patch panels. Custom configurations are available upon request.  Other OptoSpan Fiber Patch Panels include Ultra Density Series Panels, High Density Series Panels, and MPO Series Panels.

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2U Ultra Elite Series Patch Panel

Matrix Ultra Elite Series

Ultra Elite Series MTP Cassette

Matrix Ultra Elite Series

Available Configurations:

  • Ultra Elite Series Fiber Optic Patch Panels
  • 72/96/120/144/192/240/288 Fiber Count
  • 1U/2U Rack Height
  • OM4/OS2
  • Available with 12 Fiber MTP (10/40G) OR 24 Fiber MTP (100G) Connectors
  • Super Compact Design with Panel depth of less than 7”
  • Premium Front & Rear Wire Management Trays Included

Stay organized, efficient, and in control:

  • Removable front cable management/port identification tray
  • Removable rear cable management tray
  • Complete set of mounting accessories

 OptoSpan Advantage:

  • Authentic MTP Elite® connector directly from U.S. Conec®
  • Complete MTP Elite® connector assembly, including floating ferrule
  • Terminated and tested in a ISO 14000 (Class 7) quality controlled clean room
  • Each comes with individual serial number, diagram, & certified test report
  • Complimentary design & configuration assistance provided
  • Five types of jackets – Standard, Plenum, Bend Insensitive, Armored


1U1.75"18.00"6.00” (13.25” w/ rear & front trays)
2U3.50"18.00"6.00” (13.25” w/ rear & front trays)