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MTP Trunk Cables – Plenum

MTP Fiber Cables

MTP trunk cables have long used the MPO connector in order to minimize cost and ease the burden of complex fiber optic installations. OptoSpan has further improved on this practice by incorporating the higher performing MTP fiber connector designed by U.S. Conec®. Providing various mechanical improvements to the original design, OptoSpan’s MTP trunk cables allow for less signal loss when mating networking equipment and thus improving data transmission quality.

MTP trunk cables have improved on many aspects of the popular multi-fiber distribution adapter known as the MPO connector. The Improved MTP® connector features a floating ferrule in order to maintain a secure connection, rounded metal pins to prevent damage to mating adapters, internal recessed metal pin clamp to prevent pin breakage, and an oval shaped internal spring to avoid fiber damage. The MTP fiber connector also remains completely compatible with all MPO fiber cables and networking equipment.

The plenum material used in the construction of MTP trunk cable provides additional protection in case of a fire. Compliant with certain building regulations, the plenum material has been specially designed to be fire-retardant resulting in a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated jacket. The plenum line of MTP trunk cables is best used in environments such as inner walls or inner ceilings of a building or home. In situations which fiber optic cabling needs to only be installed along outer floors or outside of buildings, Standard Riser Jackets or Armored Jackets may be a more appropriate solution.


MTP Cables with FiberShield

The demands of every data center differ depending on the service being provided. In order to accommodate these varying requirements, OptoSpan has experienced technicians on staff ready to collaborate with customers in order to ensure the proper equipment is provided. In addition, every MTP trunk cable assembly listed may be altered in occurrence to a customer’s specific needs which may include but are not limited to polarity, key orientations, or length of fiber assembly.

OptoSpan is committed to using the complete MTP trunk cable assembly. While competitors have chosen to unethically utilize only the MTP fiber connector housing and omitting the most crucial component, the floating ferrule, is just as responsible for maintaining the secure physical connection and reduce signal loss. Only fully assembled and genuine MTP fiber connectors sourced directly from U.S. Conec® have be used in the manufacturing of all OptoSpan provided MTP trunk cables.

Availability of each standard OptoSpan MTP trunk cable assembly is conveniently listed below.  Please contact our support team in order to create specialized cable assemblies in order to suit your unique networking requirements.  Other OptoSpan MTP Fiber Cables include 8-144 Fiber MTP Cables, MTP to LC/SC Breakout Cables, Plenum MTP to LC/SC Breakout Cables, and MTP Elite Cables

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MTP Trunk Cable Configurations:

  • Internal Fiber Count: 8 to 144 fiber strands per MTP trunk cable assembly
  • Internal Fiber Configurations: 12×1, 12×2, 12×4, 12×6, 12×8, 12×12, 24×1, 24×2, 24×3, 24×4, 24×6
  • Connectors: Standard MTP
  • Cable Assembly Lengths: 1 to 150 meter
  • Ferrule Polish: UPC (Standard) or APC (Angled)
  • Modes: OS2, OM2, OM3, OM4
  • Insulation: Plenum

OptoSpan Advantage:

  • Authentic MTP fiber connector directly from U.S. Conec®
  • Complete MTP fiber connector assembly, including floating ferrule
  • Terminated and tested in a ISO 14000 (Class 7) quality controlled clean room
  • Each cable assembly comes with its own serial number, diagram, and certified test report
  • Complimentary design and configuration assistance to assure precise polarity & termination
  • Four different types of jackets – Standard, Plenum, Bend Insensitive, and SteelPatch Armored

Plenum OM4 50/125 Multimode MTP Cables

Plenum rated multimode OM4 MTP trunk cables featuring 50/125 micron core/cladding diameter are designed for fire-retardant cabling requirements.  These genuine US Conec MTP-MTP trunk cables are optimized for 10G/40G fiber networks.  OM4 is fully backward compatible with existing OM3 systems, but provides added benefits over OM3 fiber.  See OM4 fiber key advantages.


Plenum OM3 50/125 Multimode MTP Fiber Cables

Multimode OM3 fiber Plenum MTP trunk cables with 50/125 micron fiber core provide a superior upgrade to higher speed networking.  Each Plenum rated MTP trunk cable carries genuine US Conec MTP to MTP connectors for low-loss networking with fire-retardant insulation for specific low-smoke cabling requirements.


Plenum OM2 50/125 Multimode MTP Cables

Multimode OM2 fiber Plenum MTP trunk cables carry up to 144 fibers in 12 fiber configurations.  These Plenum rated MTP-MTP trunk cables are ideal for OM2 networks to contain twice the distance capacity of OM1 fibers with low-smoke insulated fire-retardant cabling requirements.


Plenum OS2 9/125 Single-Mode MTP Fiber Cables

Plenum single-mode OS2 MTP trunk cables featuring 9/125 micron fiber core/cladding diameter are designed to carry higher bandwidth than multimode fibers.  Each MTP trunk cable is insulated with fire-retardant Plenum rated insulation for low-smoke cabling requirements, as well as genuine US Conec MTP-MTP fiber connectors for super low loss networking.