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OM3 Multimode Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables

The OM3 Bend-Insensitive Fiber cables allow for a more economical solution to most networking demands. While it may not meet the specifications of the more advanced OM4 specification, the OM3 version of optical fiber meets most networking requirements while remaining a more cost-effective alternative.

In addition to the high performance and economical savings, multimode OM3 Bend-Insensitive fiber incorporates higher grade material which improves the internal optical fibers resistance to physical deformations such as twists and bends in the fiber. This increased rugged jacket allows for the OM3 Bend-Insensitive fiber cable assemblies to retain their performance under physically demanding situations such as tight corners or constant twists which may occur in the field.  Other OptoSpan Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables include OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables, Single Mode Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables, and Plenum Bend Insensitive Fiber Cables.

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Fiber Types and Reach

Type of FiberBandwidth
(MHz per km)
(Distance in meters)
(Distance in meters)


  • Multimode OM3 Bend-Insensitive Fiber Cables
  • Bend-Insensitive Protective Jacket
  • Permutations of LC, SC, and ST port connections
  • Duplex fiber count
  • 50/125μ Core/Cladding Diameter
  • Riser (OFNR) or Plenum (OFNP) Rated Insulation
  • UPC (standard) Polish