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LCTrace™ LED Traceable Fiber Cables

OptoSpan LCTrace™ LED Traceable Fiber Cables provide a new and innovative way to identify a termination point and prevent unauthorized interruption of optical fiber cables.  Often times, network labels may be switched around, fall off, or accidentally forgotten about in densely crowded data centers.  With OptoSpan LCTrace™ LED traceable fiber cables, each end of the patch cord features a premium LC connector with a small red button which activates a bright flashing LED light on both ends of the cable.  Simply push the button, look for the flashing lights at each end, and disconnect the appropriate cable within seconds, using the easy to release pull-tab trigger.  This allows workers to easily visually trace individual fiber cables from one end to the other without accidentally disconnecting the wrong network.

Each LCTrace™ LED Traceable fiber cable operates on a replaceable battery that contains up to 7 years of continuous use.  The built-in pull-tab trigger allows disconnection of the cable in crowded areas, without ruining the fibers or needing any extra tools.  Other OptoSpan Specialty Fiber Cables include LCElite™ Ultra Low Loss LC Fiber CablesUltraHD™ High Density LC Fiber CablesFieldSwitch™ Uniboot Duplex Fiber Cables, SecureFlex™ Secure Locking LC/SC Fiber Cables, and IP68 Weatherproof Fiber Cables.

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