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100G QSFP28 To 4x 25G SFP28 Breakout Active Optical Cables

OptoSpan QSFP28 to 4x SFP28 breakout Active Optic Cables (AOC) are high performance, cost-effective solutions for merging 100G QSFP28 and 25G SFP28 enabled host adapters, switches and servers. With 4 independent data transmission and receiving channels, OptoSpan AOCs achieve an aggregate data rate of 100Gbps over 100 meters transmission. The cables are designed with form factor, optical/electrical connection according to the QSFP28 and SFP28 Multi-Source Agreements (MSA).

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• Premium Fire-retardant Plenum cable
• Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8436
• 850nm VCSEL laser and PIN photo-detector
• Maximum link length of 70m on OM3 MMF and 100m on OM4 MMF
• Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface
• Hot Pluggable


• 40 Gigabit Ethernet
• 25GBASE-SR Ethernet
• Fibre Channel Applications
• InfiniBand QDR, SDR, DDR
• High-performance computing clusters