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Fiber Enclosure

Patch Panel Enclosures

OptoSpan rack mount fiber enclosures offer various solutions to meet modern datacenter requirements. Whether a networking center lacks space or demands shallow-depth panels such as the Ultra Elite series, which measures a mere 6” deep when fully-loaded, the Ultra Density series, which allows the greatest amount of fiber connections in a single 1U form factor, or perhaps the High Density series, which allows the combination of a high fiber count as well as ample room for any fiber splicing requirements. OptoSpan has numerous networking solutions ready to be tailored to your unique information technology demands.

Ultra Elite Series:

The most compact rack mount fiber enclosure OptoSpan has to offer, the Ultra Elite series measures a mere 6.00” after being fully loaded with compatible MTP cassettes and without front or rear management trays. Available in 1U and 2U, this line of fiber patch panel allows for 5 or 12 adapter cassettes or a total of 120 or 288 LC ports respectively.

High Density Series:

The most versatile rack mount fiber enclosure, the High Density series, allows for up to three standard LGX fiber cassettes or fiber adapter panels to be installed. Available in up to 4U, this line of fiber panels allows for the largest amount of fiber cassettes to be installed with up to 24 modules allowing for 288 LC connections.

MPO Series:

The most economical choice of rack mount fiber enclosures, the MPO series allows for up to four MPO fiber cassettes or fiber adapter panels to be installed. This line of enclosures is the only one that is able to hold up to 96 LC or 48 SC connections, while retaining ample space to accommodate splicing kits.

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1U Patch Panel Enclosures

1U Patch Panel Enclosures

OptoSpan’s Unloaded 1 Rack Unit (1U) Patch Panel Enclosures are available in 3 different series: Ultra Elite (120 Fiber), High Density (96 Fiber), and  MPO (72 Fiber).

2U Patch Panel Enclosure

2U Patch Panel Enclosures

OptoSpan’s Unloaded 2 Rack Unit (2U) Patch Panel Enclosures are available in 2 different series: Ultra Elite (288 Fiber), and High Density (144 Fiber).

4U Patch Panel Enclosures

4U Patch Panel Enclosures

OptoSpan unloaded 4U Modular Fiber Optic High Density (HD) Patch Panel Enclosure. This unloaded enclosure can accommodate up to 288 LC fiber ports and is compatible with OptoSpan HD LGX fiber cassettes and HD LGX fiber adapter panels. Up to twelve (12) LGX cassettes or plates may fit in this 16 Gauge Steel enclosure.