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Fiber Patch Panels

OptoSpan fiber patch panels offer various solutions to support modern datacenter requirements. Whether a networking center demands shallow-depth panels such as the Ultra Elite series, which measures a mere 6” deep when fully-loaded, the Ultra Density series, which allows the greatest amount of fiber connections in a single 1U form factor, or the High Density series, which allows the combination of a high fiber count as well as ample room for any fiber splicing requirements, OptoSpan has numerous networking solutions ready to be tailored to your unique information technology demands.

Each fiber patch panel offered by OptoSpan has been constructed using premium connectors, including genuine MTP® and MTP Elite® connectors sourced directly from U.S. Conec®. These authentic connectors are essentially high-performance MPO connectors with an improved design generated to achieve a lower signal loss than any other multi-fiber connector in the industry.

Even the most seasoned networking professional may feel a bit overwhelmed with the many combinations, polarities, and thousands of configurations. This is why at OptoSpan we have an expert support staff waiting to assist new and returning customers to ensure the proper fiber optic equipment is selected to be up and running in the least amount of time possible.

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Patch Panels

Ultra Elite series

OptoSpan Ultra Elite series fiber patch panels are the highest density fully-loaded modular panels offered with only a slim 6” depth, making them ideal for compact data centers and tighter network racks.  Equipped with genuine US Conec MTP Elite® (highest performance MPO) connectors.

Matrix Ultra Density series

Ultra Density series

Ultra Density series fiber patch panels are the highest density loaded fiber patch panels offered by OptoSpan.  These slim, dense panels are built with either an angled or flat front, making them perfect for tight data centers or shallow network racks.  Equipped with genuine US Conec MTP Elite® (highest performance MPO) connectors.

Matrix High Density Series

High Density series

High Density series fiber patch panels are the most customizable fully-loaded panels OptoSpan offers, delivered ready-to-use and complete with the necessary rack mounting accessories for quick installation.  Compatible with standard LGX cassettes or adapter plates, available for LC, SC, and MTP® (high performance MPO) connections.

Matrix MPO Series

MPO series

OptoSpan MPO Series fiber patch panels offer an adaptable accommodation for any data center, accepting both adapter cassettes and/or plates with LC, SC, ST, FC, or MPO connectors.  These are built with a removable top cover and slide-out splicing trays for simple and efficient installation.

OptoSpan Advantage:

  • Authentic Pinned MTP® connector directly from U.S. Conec®
  • Complete Pinned MTP® connector assembly, including floating ferrule
  • Terminated and tested in a ISO 14000 (Class 7) quality controlled clean room
  • Each comes with individual serial number, diagram, & certified test report
  • Complimentary design & configuration assistance provided
  • Five types of jackets – Standard, Plenum, Bend Insensitive, SteelPatch Armored, SteelFlex Armored