MTP Elite

MTP Elite Fiber

Single- and Multimode MTP Elite to MTP Elite Multi Fiber optic trunk cables, featuring ultra low loss (us Conec) MTP Elite connectors and up to 144 fiber strands per individual MTP cable. Options include male and female connectors.

MTP Elite® Ultra Low Loss MTP

MTP Elite multi fiber optic distribution and trunk cables, feature ultra low loss MTP connectors, standard or armored protective jacket and up to 144 fiber strands per cable and come in 3 distinct single- and multimode configurations: * OS2 Single-Mode * OM3 Multimode and * OM4 Multimode.

MTP Elite® Fiber Distribution

Besides standard straight through MTP Elite cables, OptoSpan offers MTP Elite Fanout distribution harnesses with ultra low loss MTP connector at one end and LC connectors on the other. Please browse our complete online catalog of Ultra Low Loss MTP fiber distribution cables and assemblies below.

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