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UltraHD™ High Density LC Fiber Cables


Premium UltraHD™ High Density LC Duplex Fiber Cables increase patch panel density by 60% with slim connectors designed for close stacking to eliminate vertical space, and a sturdy tab that allows easy connection and disconnection in dense networking areas.  Equipped with a 3.0 mm flexible boot and premium LC connectors in single-mode or multimode fiber.  Available with bend-insensitive or SteelPatch Armored protective jacket, and Riser or Plenum rated insulation.  Other OptoSpan Specialty Fiber Cables include LCElite™ Ultra Low Loss LC Fiber CablesFieldSwitch™ Uniboot Duplex Fiber CablesSecureFlex™ Secure Locking LC/SC Fiber CablesIP68 Weatherproof Fiber Cables, and LCTrace™ LED Traceable Fiber Cables.

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Available Configurations:


  • Single-mode and Multimode
  • Bend-Insensitive/SteelPatch Armored Protective Jackets
  • Duplex LC port connections w/ Push-Pull tabs
  • Riser (OFNR) or Plenum (OFNP) Rated Insulation
  • Flexible 3.0mm White Connector Boot
  • Data Center Racks
  • Desktop/Network Connections
  • Indoor  Networking
  • Light-Medium duty Indoor/Outdoor
Fiber Optic Patch Cable TypeModeProtective JacketRated InsulationConnector BootHousing Colors
UltraHD™ High Density Fiber CablesSingle-Mode
SteelPatch Armored
Flexible 3.00m, whiteStandard