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High Density series fiber cassettes come in a standard LGX form factor making it compatible with any LGX fiber optic patch panel enclosure. Available in OS2, OM3, or OM4 these fiber cassette modules are constructed with either 12 or 24 rear ultra-low loss connectors and 24 front LC or 12 front SC connectors. Each module has been constructed using the improved MPO connector, called the MTP® by U.S. Conec which incorporates redesigned mechanical components allowing for a much lower amount of signal loss when compared to traditional MPO connectors.  Other OptoSpan Fiber Cassettes include Ultra Elite Series Cassettes and MPO Series Cassettes.

Click Here for additional information on OptoSpan MPO and MTP Fiber Cassettes.

For all other OptoSpan Patch Panels & WDM products, please see Loaded Patch Panels, Panel Enclosures, Fiber Adapter Panels, and WDM.

Available Configurations:

  • HD series Cassettes in OM3/OM4 and OS2
  • Compatible with HD Series Patch Panel Enclosures
  • Install Up-to 3 Cassettes per 1u of Patch Panel
  • Flexibility to Mix Adapter Plates with Cassettes in Patch Panel
  • Available with LC, LC/APC, SC, ST, FC and MTP/MPO Adapters
  • Easily Accessible MTP/MPO Ports for Connection to Trunk Cable


  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Enterprise Network Environments